Resnet Conference

Transition from an in person to a fully virtual event.

About Resnet Conference

The Residential Energy Services Network or RESNET is a not-for-profit, membership corporation that is governed by a board of directors (who are elected by membership).

In April 1995, the National Association of State Energy Officials and Energy Rated Homes of America founded the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) to develop a national market for home energy rating systems and energy efficient mortgages.

RESNET is a recognized national standards-making body for building energy efficiency rating and certification systems in the United States involving:

  • A consensus based standard development and amendment process
  • Transparent review and adoption process
  • Formal public review and comment process

RESNET’s Mission

To make the energy use of all homes transparent, thereby driving residential sector energy use toward net zero.

What they needed: Transition from an in person to a fully virtual event.

Needing to transition from an in person to a fully virtual event was a big challenge, like many, that they faced. Normally offering 100+ in person sessions which included training and education sessions, RESNET needed a way to still offer all of these sessions to their audience while still showcasing live keynotes, sponsorship opportunities, fun activities, a virtual trade show booth and interactive engagement which is what they were used to at previous years events.

What we provided: A full virtual platform and production for their streams.

From the virtual platform side, we helped create a fully functional platform for users to navigate through. Offering agendas based on each day of programming, an on demand area where we hosted their 80+ training and education sessions which were all categorized by knowledge level, BPI credit eligibility and category type so users could easily find the sessions they wanted to take place in. A sponsor and exhibitor page where users could go visit and interact with each company. We also were able to make the platform fun and engaging by offering gamification which resulted in some awesome prizes that were given to the highest point earners. One big component that RESNET wanted was to find a way for users to further engage with one another, our answer to that was social groups. 14 groups ranging from their yearly 5k to a builders network were created for users to join and interact with one another, being able to share photos, ideas and connect. 


From the production side, we pre-recorded the entire event, 3 days worth of content ranging from Congressmen, CEOs and VPs. This took a lot of coordination between us and our client, ensuring we met our deadlines by sticking to the deliverable timeline that we created. We also coordinated in person recordings that took place at our office/studio mixed with remote presenters. This put our client at ease during the live days of the show since all of the pre work was done.

Due to the pandemic, Nonprofit Resource's partner organization, RESNET, had to convert their in-person event to a virtual conference in February of 2021. Our team made the decision to switch to virtual summer of 2020, which gave us enough time to see what other events were doing and collect ideas from our industry. We wanted to get creative and take the best components of our traditional event and translate it into a user-friendly digital experience.

Our need for a flexible platform with great support team was a necessity. I demoed probably over a dozen different virtual platform options, and Vario made the choice easy. Everything from receiving the proposal to the execution of recording and live-streaming the event was done without a hitch. Julian did a great job as our primary project manager in making sure that we hit our target dates, and help us problem-solve and accommodate any inevitable hiccups that happened.

The final product was a virtual "experience" with three days of a high-quality live stream, a library with 100+ on-demand videos, fun networking events, a virtual expo, and gamification features that kept everyone engaged. Our attendees and sponsors had such positive feedback saying it was the best virtual event they had attended the whole year. All of it would not be possible without partnering with Vario!



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