May 4-5, 2021


Gamification is a way to encourage attendees and users to engage and “use” the platform! Get points, earn badges, and get rewarded for engaging and interacting with the platform and other attendees! Whether it’s for simply bragging rights, or to reward “winners” at the end of your event, gamification is one way to increase the overall use of the platform during your event and add a level of fun and competition amongst your users. 

Get Points

Learn how you can get bragging rights for your engagement at the Virtual Conference. Earn points for the following:

  • General Activity surrounding the Website/Platform
  • Browse around Networking areas
  • Explore the Exhibit Hall
  • and More!

Achievements / Badges

The way you track your achievements for different tasks is through a BADGE! Each badge has steps to earn the badge! Go ahead and get to earning, it’s nice to have all 4 badges on your profile! Learn how to achieve each one below.


This shows all of the top earners throughout the conference. Leaders are based on the amount of points earned from the day that they registered. Check out the leaderboard and see how many points you have! Top earners are eligible for prizes!


Check out the great prizes you could win throughout this event. Make sure to show your appreciation to the exhibitors who’ve donated these prizes too!